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The term gets its name from when someone pushes a mess into a corner to hide it and make it look like a clean room, according to Metro, because that's exactly what this person is doing to you — hiding you away to make it look like nothing is going on.

This behavior is obviously hurtful for a lot of reasons.

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If you don't find yourself on their social media, they may just be a wary user or have an ex that they know will reach out and bother you if you tag yourself in a photo.

You experience your first kiss with them, first time sleeping over with them, and the first time saying "I love you." But if you find that you've been dating a while and you're missing out on the first time you've met their friends and family, you just may be "stashed." "Stashing" is a term coined by Metro UK, but it's something that you've probably experienced at least once in your dating life.

Meeting important people is crucial to any relationship's success.

A 2012 study found that having a good relationship with your partner's family can actually decrease your chance of splitting up.

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