Single kurdish dating

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In an interview with the BBC on Monday, KRG President Masoud Barzani made an unequivocal threat that the KRG would be “prepared to draw our own borders” if Baghdad did not come to terms with the expected “Yes” result.

Barzani also said that “if any group wants to change the reality of Kirkuk using force, they should expect that every single Kurd will be ready to fight over it”.

They are also now being used as political tools, with an Iraqi government-linked human rights organisation calling upon the prosecutor’s office to take legal action against the US-led coalition’s air campaign.

He said that his Kurdish family had fled Iraq heading to Germany when his daughter was just three, and he said she had grown up as a self-confident young woman with German citizenship, studying property management at college in Hanover.

In case Iraq has not yet seen enough conflict, the drums of war are beating once more over the oil-rich northern province of Kirkuk, claimed by all of Iraq’s three main ethnic groups.

With IS’ loss of all of major urban territories in Iraq, most notably Mosul, the extremists appear to be on the back foot, not only in Iraq but also in neighbouring Syria.

However, IS retains the ability to strike deep in Iraqi government-held territory, using more conventional “terrorist attacks” such as car bombs to wreak havoc even in highly secured cities such as the capital, Baghdad.

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