Sedating dog for xrays

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There is a space just above the mattress for my heals, so I can get some dorsiflexion. In the middle of the bed I put a 10 lb weight with some ankle weights to help keep it from rolling. At night cramps would start in my calf, and when I tried to stretch it out the front of my leg would cramp. My family doctor prescribed amitriptyline in a low dosage.

I always have the foot of my bad leg on one of these to keep my toe from pointing. It was so frustrating trying to explain to doctors and physical therapists how a constant twitch in my leg changed my life. I had flexeril on hand from before the surgery, but it gave no relief from the twitching. My leg became "locked" and I had to get out of bed and hobble around until it went away. It helped a little, the twitching was the same frequency but less strong. The bottom line was that I was still getting up 3-4 times at night instead of 5-7.

With exercise, the spasms are chronic on a nightly basis.

At night my lower back frequently tightens or spasms, and in my sleep I'll arch my back and tightly lock my legs in a stretch to counter the lower back spasm, and it will wake up in the process; this may, at times, contribute to the leg spasms, but it doesn't happen everytime.

I have it all the time in both legs regardless of whether I'm sitting or in bed, but in bed it initially gets much worse, but then settles down after I've relaxed for awhile.

If I get up to go to the bathroom during the night, when I return to bed the calf muscles jump around intensely, but eventually settle down.

If I exercise or even stretch during the day, I'll have leg and foot spasms all night beginning two to four hours after I've gone to bed and often lasting the entire night. When my legs and/for feet spasm, very often my lower back also tightens or spasms, too.

It's for that reason that I wondered there might be a connection between my spine problems and spasms in the legs and feet.

In the lower back, I had moderate stenosis but the main problem was scar tissue impingin on my nerve roots.

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