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Then inside the back page, in case you missed those two pages, there’s a full page of Culture Jamming materials.

A set of six posters and postcards (), the Culture Jammer’s Calendar (), The Culture Jammer’s Video and Back Issues.

We also live at a moment of deep ignorance, when vital knowledge that humans have always possessed about who we are and where we live seems beyond our reach. These developments are bodied forth in Ronald Reagan, a TV conjuration who for eight years held the news media, and thus the American public, spellbound.

As Mark Hertsgaard points out, the President’s media-savvy handlers were able to reduce the fourth estate, which likes to think of itself as an unblinking watchdog, to a fawning lapdog: Deaver, Gergen and their colleagues effectively rewrote the rules of presidential image-making.

Here and there, some sets still burned; one by one, their picture tubes imploded, to the onlookers’ delight.

A postcard reproduction of the event’s pyrotechnic climax, printed on the occasion of the its tenth anniversary, bears a droll poem: Modern alert plague is here burn your TV exterminate fear Image breakers smashing TV American heroes burn to be free In “Media Burn,” Ant Farm indulged publicly in the guilty pleasure of kicking a hole in the cathode-ray tube.

But what comes out is no real alternative to our culture of consumption.

Just a different brand.‘ exhortations to critical thinking and media literacy are crucial, especially when they fall on teenage ears.

The group, whose sociopolitical satire and media criticism often have a sharp, Situationist edge, applied the idea of “jamming” to billboard banditry.Now, almost two decades later, TV’s cyclopean eye peers into every corner of the cultural arena, and the desire to blind it is as strong as ever.“Media Burn” materializes the wish-fulfillment dream of a consumer democracy that yearns, in its hollow heart and empty head, for a belief system loftier than the “family values” promised by a Volvo ad campaign, discourse more elevated than that offered by the shark tank feeding-frenzy of .In such moments, it exudes the deep-rooted distrust of the masses’ ability to police their own desires that makes strange bedfellows of moral crusaders on the left and the right.Seventeen years after my manifesto hit indie bookstores, the (oh, the irony!

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