Lee dewyze and jonna walsh dating sites

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He walked around on the sunny day, spending time with his fiancee, Jonna Walsh, and their cute, fuzzy puppy. Describing the big moment, Lee popped the question on a private yacht under a fireworks-filled sky at Disney World.

Check out the other pics for some more of Lee and his cuddly pooch. The singer gave his model/actress girlfriend Jonna Walsh the Disney dream she's aways hoped for.

The couple are planning to wed in the fall of 2012. I had a speech prepared but it all went out the window so I just asked her. She’s a Lakers fan and I’m a Chicago Bulls fan and we just clicked out of the gate.” As for Walsh supporting another team, “We’re seeing a counselor about that,” he joked.

But De Wyze did seek another sort of counseling two months earlier: He consulted Walsh’s sister before choosing an engagement ring.

One woman, Lesley (Nikki Moore) is killed violently, but she returns from the dead.

Her return involves a desire for blood and lots of dubbing.

Monarch Home Entertainment is now set to release this title in North America February 26th, on DVD.

Director Ken Winkler's first film deals with transformation.

All other film elements, from acting to direction, are excellent, but Kiss the Abyss is only for more forgiving indie fans.It is fantastic to hear that the singer who was crowned the winner of American Idol in May 2010 is engaged to model/actress Jonna Walsh with champagne on a private yacht under a romantic fireworks-filled sky at Disney World on July 16. “They were playing love songs on the boat and I got down on my knee and asked her.I had a speech prepared but it all went out the window so I just asked her. ” 25-year-old Lee De Wyze met his 26-year-old wife-to-be while both were shooting a music video for his single “Sweet Serendipity”.We thought we would spend a few minutes with him on camera to capture and document him at this moment in time. Looking back on the last few months and all I gained from my experience on 'American Idol,' it is incredible to know that this is only the beginning for me.

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