For him dating poltava

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So he planned to go see her only for 1 week in Jan.

2012 and bring a 1 carrot Diamond ring to say I love you.

What I've found out by being there is most of the ladies are what they call Professional Dater's = Prostitutes same thing. If you are trying to find a nice girl stay away from this man or his Agency.

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His philosophy is a lie, he Say's that he don't want a man to be over 9 years in Age difference but if you have plenty of money you can have a girl of any age.. What a Crock of Crap you say about this man Alex Pinto and FH DATING...He has a God Complex were you don't get a chance to pick the woman of your dreams, he wants to tell you who you must go out with, and he controls the whole thing.He claims that all of his girls are background checked by his agency to not be scammers or Prostitutes. Then he tries to marry off the girls he slept with first, Would you want to marry a lady who is sleeping with the owner of this Agency.I would go back to Poltava not looking for a wife but just to see Alex and his Wife.. Then my wife died and Alex convinced me to find a wife in Poltava.So I went back after my wife passed away and I would see Alex touching certain ladies from his agency that wasn't appropriate, for a married man with a child. Then I was really good friends with Lucy his office helper.

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