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    I mean, I paid to see Ghost Dad theatrically, there's a Killer Tomatoes shrine about twenty feet from where I'm sitting right now, and...c'mon, you've seen what I usually review. Stacked next to a DVD, it's better defined, more detailed..whole probably shouldn't bank on much visual polish for a flick that was churned out from script to screen in five months flat. The rest is really just the wide-eyed cast gushing about how unrelentingly funny and wonderful Disaster Movie is.

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    Then friday ko sham 5 bajay us ke call aye our us nay apne friend kay ghar ka address batay.

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    Seriously, though, you want to find out the dating scene for a SBF? Or maybe it's just too hard for me to see the quality through all the drunkenness. If you are willing to date outside your race you may find some luck.

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